Turn your vision home and building design ideas into a reality with BT Constructions.

Our in-house design team can provide you with a custom design that will incorporate functional spaces and innovative solutions for your specific family requirements, to ensure you get everything you want in your home, whilst keeping within your budget requirements.


Collating talent with cutting edge house design ideas for building, we specialise in:

1. Custom Home Designs
2. Knock Down & Rebuild

3. Dual Occupancy Homes
4. Granny Flat


Custom Home Designs


Dual Occupancy Homes


Knock Down & Rebuild


Granny Flat


BT CONSTRUCTIONS with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Custom Home Builders, Duplex Unit Builders In Fairfield

Many people find joy in building a home independently instead of simply moving into a house. They purchase a sweet spot of land available in a residential block and start building their home without wasting much time. It’s fun, gives you complete control over the construction and doesn’t need much investment compared to pre-built homes. You need to hire the right builders for this job, and you are all set to realise your dream home.

BT Constructions can build your dream home in Fairfield. Be it a single storey home, double-storey home or something that resembles a duplex house. Our custom home builders can help you harness the true potential of your land while complying with all the codes.

Many people have started investing heavily in developing dual occupancy homes on their properties. You can do the same. We have the best duplex builders for the job. Besides, if you want single storey home builders to work on your construction project, you can rely on us!

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

Let BT Constructions Build Your Duplex & Single-Family Homes

We believe you made the right decision by picking Fairfield’s single-storey home and duplex builders. It’s quite a big responsibility to design and construct people’s dream houses. A straightforward mistake: your client may never recommend you to someone else in their social circle. And at BT Constructions, we understand this equation very well. That is why you will see us going over and beyond for every one of our client’s home construction projects.

  • Single Storey Home
  • Double Storey Home
  • Granny Flat
  • Dual Occupancy Home/Duplex
  • Knockdown & Rebuild
  • Custom Designed House

BT Constructions takes every point under consideration while building your dream home. It’s you who we have to satisfy with our work. That’s why we ensure that our single storey home builders, as well as duplex builders, pay attention to every single detail.

There’s no point in constructing a home that doesn’t satisfy your requirements or doesn’t make you happy. After all, you are about to move into a new home by paying thousands of dollars for the construction. Don’t worry; we will make a home that’s worth your time, money, and happiness!

Why Hire Our Custom Homes Builders?

It would help if you never thought twice when you have builders who deliver custom-designed homes in Fairfield. Unlike pre-built homes, you have so much control over the construction of your home when you sign custom home builders.

Endless Possibilities:

Designing a complex housing structure is simple for our single storey home and duplex builders. We will take your inputs and suggestions to create the layout for your new house within no time. Rest assured, there are endless possibilities for home designs when you hire BT Constructions builders!

Reasonable Pricing:

We understand that every individual and family have their budget when hiring single storey home builders or duplex builders. And in today’s volatile market, it isn’t easy to find a builder that fits your budget. We are affordable. That’s right. Our prices are very reasonable. So, you can always turn to us.

Call us today and discuss your dream home project with our esteemed builders. Duplex builders at BT Constructions are waiting for your call!

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