Turn your vision home and building design ideas into a reality with BT Constructions.

Our in-house design team can provide you with a custom design that will incorporate functional spaces and innovative solutions for your specific family requirements, to ensure you get everything you want in your home, whilst keeping within your budget requirements.


Collating talent with cutting edge house design ideas for building, we specialise in:

1. Custom Home Designs
2. Knock Down & Rebuild

3. Dual Occupancy Homes
4. Granny Flat


Custom Home Designs


Dual Occupancy Homes


Knock Down & Rebuild


Granny Flat


BT CONSTRUCTIONS with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Hire BT Constructions as your Custom Homebuilders in Granville

Building a new home can be much work and a daunting task. People who create their own homes the right way can make the house of their dreams come true and avoid a nightmare homebuilding project. You should think about hiring a custom home builder if you want to build your own house. BT Constructions is a well reputed name in the industry, being custom home builders to many satisfied clients in Granville over several years.

To avoid the stress and headaches of building a house, hire BT Constructions as your custom home builder in Granville to do the job instead. If you choose to hire a professional builder, you can avoid having low quality, mass-produced homes.

Here at BT Constructions, we have contractors who build one-of-a-kind homes, so we can better understand your personality and design a house that meets all of your needs without cutting corners or using cheap materials. Our builders know how to make homes that are energy efficient and look striking both inside and outside.

Here are five reasons why you should hire custom home builders in Granville.

Knowledge And Expertise

When you start work on your new house, you will want to employ a custom home builder in Granville who has successfully completed many similar projects. We know how to build your dream home because we have worked on other projects like yours. Choose the materials that match the style and budget you have chosen. Our experts also analyse your ideas and will build your dream home from scratch. To handle the project in the best way possible, we use our creativity, expertise, and experience.

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact ensures that your home renovation project will be done right. It is easier to communicate and plan and schedule when one person is in charge of the whole project, from the design phase to the end. Whether you want a kitchen or bathroom, our team of custom home builders in Granville will be able to undertake the job to your satisfaction. Work with our experts to develop a project that brings your ideas to life. A place that is both cosy and inspiring will be yours when we are finished.

Customised Homes

If you want to do everything right, you will need to find the best contractor to make sure your project is done to perfection . When a good custom builder is hired, we will tell employees where they will work and what kind of work they need to do. Hiring a custom home builder from  BT Constructions will ensure that your house is built just as you want it to be. We always think about our clients and give them the best results. This is what good builders do!

Cost and Time Saving

A new home or a home remodel should be cheap and easy to build, no matter what. There are many ways to get there. One way to do this is to hire a custom home builder in Granville. At BT Constructions, we will use only high quality building materials at competitive prices to make sure that you get a good deal on your new home. We will also give you some great ideas for building a new home to save you time and money.

Relationships with Reliable Subcontractors

You need to work with trustworthy subcontractors who are keen to do an excellent job when working on a building project. You must hire a home builder who knows how to quickly and easily find/check out the right subcontractor for your project. You need to know about each subcontractor. A person’s good name and skill are essential, but their years of experience and costs are also important. Make sure that you know all of these things well before choosing a subcontractor to work with.

Our Working Relationships Are Essential

When there are experienced custom home builders who have good reputations, subcontractors love to work with them because it will be a seamless process. We also want to work with people and firms who have a good and honest working relationship. It can be hard to find a good subcontractor on your own because there are so many options, and many people do not know how to choose the right company to work with.

When working with a professional custom home builder from BT Constructions, there are many benefits. We always work with the best subcontractors in your area who know how to get your home built on time and professionally.

Making a new home from scratch is a difficult task, but if you hire a professional custom home builder in Granville, it can make all the difference! A custom home builder like BT Constructions can help them build the home of their dreams. We have years of experience, more buying power, efficiency in construction management, strong relationships with subcontractors, and a streamlined building process.

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