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Our in-house design team can provide you with a custom design that will incorporate functional spaces and innovative solutions for your specific family requirements, to ensure you get everything you want in your home, whilst keeping within your budget requirements.


Collating talent with cutting edge house design ideas for building, we specialise in:

1. Custom Home Designs
2. Knock Down & Rebuild

3. Dual Occupancy Homes
4. Granny Flat


Custom Home Designs


Dual Occupancy Homes


Knock Down & Rebuild


Granny Flat


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Custom Home Builders Near Liverpool - Hire Our Duplex House Builders

Building a duplex house seems like a complex job. But it doesn’t have to, especially when you have the best duplex builders in the business with you. A duplex house can put a bright smile on your face. It’s an excellent investment from whichever point of view you might want to see. Whether you are building a dual occupancy home for your family members or want to invest in such projects, you will rake in various benefits down the line. And we know just the right duplex builders in Liverpool – BT Constructions.

BT Constructions Builders have years of experience in this field, whether it’s building a duplex house or dual occupancy units. Over the years, our duplex builders have constructed hundreds of multi-dwelling units in Liverpool and Sydney. You can expect our builders to meet your expectations and build your dream house without making mistakes.

That’s what we do here at BT Constructions. Building a duplex home is easy for our highly experienced builders. So why not hire us for your construction project?

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

Custom Designs In Duplex Homes

Our duplex builders are second to none when constructing multi-dwelling units and duplex homes. You will see our builders’ great mixture of skill and knowledge of home designing and construction. Not only can you expect us to work around custom home designs, but you can look forward to a home that far exceeds your expectations. After all, BT Constructions Builders are known for their ingenuity, flexibility, and promptness.

Hire us for the construction of your duplex home today. We are sure that our duplex builders will make all the difference, and that too at a fairly reasonable price. Not everyone has unlimited cash in their accounts, do they? Thus, you can expect us to work on pretty reasonable budgets anywhere in Liverpool!

We Don’t Buckle Up Under Pressure

Duplex homes are a bit complicated in their design nature. Any builder who knows what they are doing would recognise the sheer complexity involved around such constructions. Besides, many things like local council approval, building planning, etc., may hinder your project anytime. That’s why you need to hire duplex builders that don’t succumb to the pressure that comes along complying with the red tape.

Believe us or not, the construction of any duplex house in Liverpool would be a long and challenging road to walk. However, BT Constructions will ensure that everything goes smoothly without any significant hurdles. So, our clients don’t have to pay any additional cost to build their dream duplex home whatsoever.

To ensure this throughout your project’s completion, we have streamlined the entire process for you.

  • Quotation Request
  • Acceptance Of The Quotation
  • Plan Preparation
  • Building Approval Application
  • Colour Selections
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Inspection & Completion

Our builders use premium-quality materials to construct your home. Be it a duplex home or a dual occupancy unit. We will make sure that it fulfils your needs and fits your budget.

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