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Affordable Granny Flat Builders In Wetherill Park

You don’t have to send your aging parents away to old age care centres. We know it isn’t easy to make space for everyone in your family. And you may believe that the best solution would be to send your parents off to an aged care centre. However, that by no means is the only option at your disposal. You can build a granny home right next to your home. That’s right. It’s a tiny house that can accommodate 1 or 2 people at most and is extremely easy to build. And we know just the perfect granny flat builders in Wetherill Park!

Come to BT Constructions and hire our granny flat builders today. We can plan, design and build a granny home next to your home. Our builders have helped families across Sydney construct granny homes in the past. And we believe that we can help you as well.

Be it a custom designed granny flat or a standard design. We can fulfil your requirements without any problem.

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

Get Custom-Designed Granny Home Built Next To Your Home

There are many things involved in every construction project, regardless of its size or design. One mistake and your project may become a disaster. That’s why you need experienced granny flat builders, like the ones at BT Constructions. Our builders have worked on hundreds of similar projects in the Sydney area. Not only can we help you with the construction, but we can streamline the process of acquiring approvals from your local council.

BT Constructions can transform your ideas into reality. That’s our bread and butter in truth. Our granny flat builders are reliable, diligent in their work and will work alongside you. After all, it’s your construction project, and it should be tailor-made to your needs and requirements.

Why Build A Granny Flat In Wetherill Park?

Although these granny homes look tiny, there’s much more than what meets the eye. Besides, many people are unaware of all the benefits of having a granny flat next to their homes. It’s an excellent structure for homeowners with a bit of extra space in their backyard. Don’t believe us yet? Do make sure to read what we have to say below!

Your Family Stays Together

You can keep your family together, all thanks to a granny home right next to your home. If your teenage kids want to move out, they can stay in this adjacent house without any trouble. Similarly, your aging parents can accommodate in this granny flat.

Rent This Space

You can always earn extra income through these granny flats. Many teenagers and young adults are actively looking to rent cheap accommodation. And a tiny house next to your home can be the best option for these people. So why not hire our granny flat builders and build a source of passive income for you?

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Custom Home Designs

Resale Value Off The Roof

Home additions are always welcomed by homeowners and the people in the real estate market. If you have a granny flat next to your house, you can expect the resale value of your home to improve instantaneously. No wonder people across Wetherill Park and other suburbs of Sydney are actively looking for granny flat builders.

Now you can see the benefits that surface when you build a granny home near your house. Besides, BT Constructions would love to make one of these granny homes per your requirements.

Hire BT Constructions For Your Project

Our granny flat builders will work dedicatedly towards your project as a family-owned business. We have given a summary of how we approach every home construction project.

  • Quotation Request
  • Acceptance Of The Quotation
  • Plan Preparation
  • Building Approval Application
  • Colour Selections
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Inspection & Completion

Get a free quote today from BT Constructions, call our number and get the dice rolling!