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Our in-house design team can provide you with a custom design that will incorporate functional spaces and innovative solutions for your specific family requirements, to ensure you get everything you want in your home, whilst keeping within your budget requirements.


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Why are Granny Flats the best solution for Property Owners in Bonnyrigg?

Have you been considering building a home? Do you need extra space for an extended family or set up a home office or business? Granny flats are your solution. They are a great addition to your home that needs more space. Granny flats in Bonnyrigg can be uniquely multi-purpose and value for money.

Modern housing demands creativity to maximise space and profits. Over the years, granny flats in Bonnyrigg have gained more and more popularity.

Granny flats are housing units that cater to the requirements of the elderly or single folks in the community. We specialise in tailoring the facilities for the elderly and vulnerable to make their lives easier in the granny flats in Bonnyrigg.

BT Constructions is known as experienced and trustworthy home builders in Sydney. Our in-house design team can provide you with unique designs that include functional space and innovative solutions according to your family’s requirements. The expert builders at BT Constructions in Bonnyrigg will turn your vision of granny flats and design ideas into reality.

Benefits of Having a Granny Flat on Your Property.

Additional income:

Having a granny flat inside your Bonnyrigg property can give you additional income. You can rent out the granny flat to help raise your overall earnings. Our modern designers at BT constructions build them in a very attractive way making it easy to rent out. Having your granny flat in a pleasant neighborhood is indeed a great way to get some extra income.

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

Increased property value:

When you decide to sell your property, buyers look at all the benefits that come with it. We understand the value of a home and our team tries to build a granny flat that will help you get more money while selling. An additional functional structure within your compound, like granny flats in Bonnyrigg, will easily increase the property value. Consider granny flats as an increased return on your investment. It is expected that property owners will put up more granny flats in Bonnyrigg to capitise on the market conditions where rental properties are at a premium,

Keeping Families Together:

A prime advantage of having a granny flat is the potential to keep your older family members close to you. In this busy world, the elderly are often separated from their loved ones due to various reasons. Building a granny flat presents the opportunity for the elderly to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Cater to Specific Needs:

If your elderly loved one is limited by their eyesight, hearing, mobility, or anything else, you could create a safe and extra living space just for them. If they are in wheelchairs, you can install ramps for their entrances and help them easily adjust to more accessible living spaces.

People with hearing problems can have unique flashing doorbells, and those with vision limitations can benefit from more sensory objects and railings to move around the house. BT constructions can include all these things in your granny flats in Bonnyrigg without a problem.

Use granny Fats as a Home Office:

Everyone needs a quiet place while working. A granny flat is a perfect place to set up a home office or study space. It will be silent and separated from the entire home giving you privacy. It can act as an ideal work area with power, plumbing, and the comfort of air conditioning or heating whether you are meeting clients, working from home, or studying. Add a desk, a comfortable chair, and a good internet connection to get your work done in your own time.

Why Choose BT constructions?

BT Constructions’ experience in the construction industry ensures that our builders in Bonnyrigg can provide a personalised service that meets your requirements in building your granny flats. BT Constructions aim to offer exceptional customer service. Our staff will listen to your needs and transform your vision into reality at a competitive price.

Hire BT Constructions now to build the best granny flats in Bonnyrigg. Call us today and book an appointment with our experts.

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