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Our Granny Flat Builders Design & Constructs Custom ADU Homes

Cannot see your aging parents living their days in some corner of an old, aged home? Many families want their old parents to live with them or nearby them. However, it isn’t easy to sustain a nuclear family, especially in a single home. But if that’s the issue stopping you from seeing your ageing parents every other day, then why not build them a granny home? That’s right. Our granny flat builders would love to make one for you next to your home.

Imagine utilising the mammoth space in your backyard and building a secondary dwelling for your old folks. This kind of construction project is relatively easy for us. We have helped hundreds of families in Cabramatta accommodate their aging parents into a tiny house right next to them.

So why not bring BT Constructions to your home and get the dice rolling? We not only build granny flats but we specialise in building single storey homes, Double storey homes and much more. When it comes to granny flats our builders are versatile, dependable and, more importantly, efficient in their every work.

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

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It’s a lovely gesture that you are building a tiny new home next to your house. Granny homes have always been in the trend. Not only do you put a bright smile on your aging parents’ faces, but you add a lot of value to your main house as well.

After all, who doesn’t want to buy a house with secondary dwelling built within the same property land? Homeowners can never forego such prospects, can they? If you have a granny flat right next to your home, you can expect a good resale value for your property.

Well, you can build one next to your house too. BT Constructions has the ideal granny flat builders for this job in Cabramatta! Talk to our architects and builders right now, and we will give you the best solution for your needs!

A Clean Build By BT Constructions

Every homeowner that invests in such construction projects expects the best outcomes, don’t they? Otherwise, why would someone even build a granny home in the first place? Your granny flat should be functional, a bit spacious and not a burden on your parents when they finally move in.

Our experienced granny flat builders understand this exceptionally well. Besides, we never leave any room for complaints. Whether you want secondary dwelling or a duplex home right here in Cabramatta, we work to perfection!

  • Quotation Request
  • Acceptance Of The Quotation
  • Plan Preparation
  • Building Approval Application
  • Colour Selections
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Inspection & Completion

These are the steps that we follow while working on any construction project. Due to such a systematic approach, we can deliver optimal results and achieve high success rates. So, you can expect our granny flat builders to tread along the same line as well.

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