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You can always make effective use of the extra land of the property lying outside your home. Many people don’t realise this, but they can utilise their large backyards for building a granny flat. Now, what’s a granny flat, you may ask. It’s a tiny single-unit home that can accommodate a person or two and is generally built next to the main resident. Nowadays, you will see homeowners have these units next to their homes. You can have one too. We have the perfect granny flat builders for this project! Talk with our builders at BT Constructions and initiate the discussion for a new granny flat. We have everything a homeowner needs, from design solutions to flawless construction processes. And on top of that, we can always work within a reasonable budget. Our granny flat builders can surely give you the secondary dwelling you always wanted next to your home. Bring us in, have our architects plan a custom granny home design for you. Besides, we assure you that you won’t be able to find a better construction company in Fairfield than BT Constructions!

Build Your Aging Parents A Home Next To Yours

Many people find it difficult to send their aging parents to old, aged homes. The cost is often too high, and many believe that their parents won’t receive the care they should receive in these aged care centres. So why not opt for another solution instead? Build a granny flat right next to your home. BT Constructions has the perfect granny flat builders for such undertakings.

All The Benefits Of Constructing A Granny Home

So why not hire our builders to construct a tiny, viable and fully functional granny flat on your property? You can use such granny homes in many ways, as given below.

A Separate House For Your Family Member:

You don’t need to use these homes only for your elderly loved ones. Your teenagers can also occupy this for themselves.
Granny Flats
Benefits of Granny Flats
Granny flats are being referred to as granny annexes, in-law suites, or secondary suites. Whatever the name, the concept is the same: a separate dwelling unit on the same plot of land as an existing house that provides living quarters for your extended family (such as grandparents or other relatives) or additional living space for you.The main benefit of a granny flat is its versatility. A granny flat is a versatile structure that can be used for anything from accommodation to storage and is an ideal solution for rental properties in Canley Vale.
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Custom Designs
BT Constructions is there through the entire building process to make sure everything – from design to completion – is done in a professional and timely manner. Our mission is to build clients’ homes as if they were our own and to balance design with cost and beauty with functionality.
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Granny Flats
Granny flats are being referred to as granny annexes, in-law suites, or secondary suites.
Granny Flats
knockdown rebuild
knockdown rebuild

Turn It Into Something Useful:

Maybe you don’t have any aged family members, so what? You can easily use the granny flat for your work or other functions without any problem.

Increases Your Property’s Value:

In case you put the house on the real estate market somewhere in the future, you can expect a hefty resale value for it. That’s what building a granny flat next to your house brings to the table.

Renting Out Is Also An Option:

Many young adults are looking for a small place to live. This tiny accessory dwelling unit is the best solution for them. Besides, you can also use this additional house outside as a guest room. Isn’t that great? All the indications suggest that you should hire our granny flat builders and utilise the vast space outside your home whenever you can.

Why Hire BT Constructions?

It’s difficult for homeowners to pick the right and new home builders for their granny home project, especially when so many are out there. BT Constructions is one company to look out for. We have years of experience building all kinds of homes in Fairfield, including granny flats. That’s why hundreds of families and individuals trust our granny flat builders with their projects every year. You can do the same too, contact BT Constructions and experience the following with us!
  • Well-planned approach.
  • Timely completion of every project.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Quality Workmanship.
  • A-quality building materials.
  • Professional in-house architects.
  • Custom Home Designs.
  • The bulk of construction options.
  • Easy handover of your house.
Give us a call. BT Constructions Builders are just a few minutes away from your location in Fairfield.
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