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Granny Flat Builders In Liverpool - Build A Granny Pod Next To Your Home

In modern times, it’s all about maximising the space available in your residential plot of land. You will see many houses in your neighbourhood with a spacious backyard left unused. On the other hand, you will see several places on the block with granny flats adjacent to the main house. That’s right. Granny homes are in demand, and granny flat builders are even more so. One can utilise the lofty space outside their home and construct an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) without any problems.

The only prerequisite for building a nice, comfortable, and functional granny home would be to hire the right builder for the construction job. Otherwise, what’s even the point of creating an ADU unit next to your home if it’s not built correctly?

Are you looking to hire reliable granny flat builders in Liverpool? Then come to BT Constructions Builders and tell us what you need!

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Build The Perfect Granny Flat With Our Builders

Granny homes are tiny, much affordable to maintain, and they fulfil a wide range of needs that families usually have. No wonder thousands of homeowners across Liverpool and Sydney are getting quotes for a granny flat construction. You can do the same. Just contact BT Constructions.

Our builders understand how difficult and emotional it is for you to make your elderly parents move out. But as the family starts growing in numbers, you have to make arrangements for your aging parents sooner rather than later. And we believe building a granny flat with the help of our home builders is the right thing to do.

Not everyone wishes to see their parents move out to an old age centre or afford to. You can, however, hire our granny flat builders and build an accessory dwelling unit next to your home. The elderly members of your family will love this new place, which is just two steps away from the main house.

There’s More Than What Meets The Eye

As the name suggests, granny flats are constructed mainly to accommodate elderly family members. But is that it? Is that the full extent of investing in granny home builders? That’s not the case at all. There are many uses for building a granny flat in Liverpool.

Let us tell you a few of the important ones below!

It Keeps Your Family Together:

If you have too many people in your family, you don’t have to buy a bigger house per se. You can make effective use of the vast backyard and build a granny home/accessory dwelling unit for them. It’s that simple and convenient.

Turn It Into A Guest House:

It’s unnecessary that you have to use these units to accommodate your family. You can surely put your guests in these granny homes whenever they visit your home.


You have to tell our granny flat builders about all the needs and requirements that you may have with this unit. We will ensure that the granny home is custom-made design as per your requirements!

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Rent It Out:

That’s right. One can earn a few hundred extra dollars every month by simply renting the granny flat out. Students and young adults are always on the hunt for such small, cheaper, and functional residential units in Liverpool. So, why not let them rent your ADU for a few hundred bucks?

You won’t find better reasons than these to hire our Granny Flat Builders. Our prices are competitive, and we build every house to perfection. No project is too big or too small for us, and you will see the stark difference in our quality of work from the first moment itself.

So why not hire us? Call us today!