Turn your vision home and building design ideas into a reality with BT Constructions.

Our in-house design team can provide you with a custom design that will incorporate functional spaces and innovative solutions for your specific family requirements, to ensure you get everything you want in your home, whilst keeping within your budget requirements.


Collating talent with cutting edge house design ideas for building, we specialise in:

1. Custom Home Designs
2. Knock Down & Rebuild

3. Dual Occupancy Homes
4. Granny Flat


Custom Home Designs


Dual Occupancy Homes


Knock Down & Rebuild


Granny Flat


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Knockdown & Rebuild Home Construction In Fairfield - Professional Builders

As years go by, we fall in love with the neighbourhood and the people around us. Our families also start growing in number, and soon, it becomes difficult to accommodate everyone in the same house. One option is to look for another home on the same street or move out of the neighbourhood. But not everyone among us is lucky enough to find more prominent homes in our communities. You can always go for knockdown and rebuild construction of your house.

That’s an attractive option to have, and BT Constructions is here to fulfil your dreams. We are highly experienced in building dual occupancy homes, duplex homes, single-unit homes, double-storey homes, etc.

Every family has their own unique needs and budget, and BT Constructions understands this very well. So why not hire us for the knockdown & rebuild construction of your home in Fairfield?

Custom Home Designs
Dual Occupancy Homes

Knock Down & Rebuild Specialists In Fairfield

BT Constructions has worked on countless similar projects in the past. Be it a knockdown and rebuild construction project for a duplex or single-unit home. You can always wage your money on our skills, experience, and efficiency. That’s how competent and confident we are in our abilities to build your dream house.

Right from the start, you will have a clear picture in front of you. Our duplex builders in Fairfield will act professionally and transparently, regardless of the scale of your knockdown and rebuild project. Besides, we will always lend you ears as our builders like to provide an open line of communication with our clients!

So, is there something on your mind, probably a home design idea of your own? Let us know. Our home designing architects will turn your dream ideas into a feasible layout. That’s right! BT Constructions should be your go-to place for knockdown and rebuild construction projects!

Benefits Of Knockdown & Rebuild Construction

Are you still in two minds on whether to buy a new property or rebuild your old home? We know – it’s a tough decision to make. However, you cannot prolong deciding for long as your family may face many troubles in doing so.

Below, we have summarised all the benefits of a knockdown and rebuild construction project!

  • Your family doesn’t have to relocate or move into a new house.
  • A fresh canvas for designing and building your dream home.
  • You will save thousands on stamp duty and other costs that occur while transferring property to your name.
  • A knockdown & rebuild project would improve the value of your home.

Due to these reasons, families prefer to invest in knockdown and rebuild construction rather than simply moving elsewhere. You can also step in their shoes, contact BT Constructions, and see your dream home taking its shape in Fairfield!

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Custom Home Designs

Hire BT Constructions In Fairfield

Not hiring a reliable builder for your project would be your biggest mistake, especially if it’s a knockdown & rebuild project. Every year, hundreds of families around Sydney demolish their old homes and build new homes at the same place. However, not every family gets what they want. And the main reason behind such unsatisfactory clients is their failure to hire a competent and reliable builder in the first place.

So you should hire a reliable home builder, know the ins and outs of the construction business, and work on custom designs without any problems. BT Constructions is one such company that exceeds every expectation of families in Fairfield.

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  • Acceptance Of The Quotation
  • Plan Preparation
  • Building Approval Application
  • Colour Selections
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Inspection & Completion

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